Amazing Delights and Gifts

Handcrafted Toffee & Treats

Below is a few of the great reviews we have received and what our customers are saying about us…….

Holy moly you are a genius person with some serious mad skills in order to make that! I will definitely submit an order for re-stocking purposes soon! Lol
TS-Elk River, MN

Your treats are truly amazing Lisa shared at a family Holiday party over the weekend, everyone went crazy.
Karen-Wayzata, MN

So, a co-worker just came into my office and asked me if I would like some toffee he got as a gift from a client. I turned around and I saw a familiar tin and ribbon and I said OMGosh, is that from Amazing Delights and Gifts? Sure enough it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I just had some of your toffee. I said to Paul that is so crazy I know the person who makes that Amazing stuff. He goes “yeah, it sure is amazing I have eaten almost the whole tin so I thought I better start sharing.”

As you already know your toffee is amazing but I just thought I would share this fun little story with you. 

Emily-Apple Valley, MN

THANK YOU and also DARN YOU!  I cannot stop eating all of it!  My family LOVED it all and said that it's the best they've ever had!  I agree. 

I am loving the Toffee Pop---delicious with my coffee

You are so right on with your description……”Light” with the subtle essence of the toffee and chocolate

SO MUCH BETTER than many of the chocolate/toffee products in the marketplace (which are fine but yours is light and addictive…!)

You have a winner here my friend (SINCERELY)

I am very excited to share with family and friends for the Holidays.

Kathy-Ramsey, MN

By the way, the Toffee Pop is fabulously addictive!!  I highly recommend!!!

 Addicting!!! :)))

We were just talking about your treats last night..."Santa" put Heath bars in our stockings...I was eating one and asked John if his tasted stale.  His comment was, "well it's not stale but it's not at all like the homemade toffee we just had."  You've got a household of fans...I feel like I've gained 10 lbs in 10 days.  Let the fasting begin (well after New Years)!

Marie-Minnetonka, MN

Thank you for the gift that I received from you.  Great news is that the toffee is the best I have ever had and isn't hard like most toffee that I have had.  This is a real plus for us old guys…

Outstanding!  Best Ever!!!


Oh my goodness!-the toffee!!!  Really decadent, and perfect with some hot cocoa.